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What our clients said

The following are actual testimonials from some of our customers who now wouldn't be without the Saddle Seat in their daily lives.

Kim Uildriks

The Computer Health Institute

"The seat has completely eliminated the lower back ache I was suffering. As well as this, I am really enjoying how it helps me to maintain a better posture."

The Late Pro Hart


"The Saddle Seat works very well for me when I am painting. No longer do I have to raise the easel up and down as the seat has a great range of height control"

Dr Adam Nichols

Wholistic Therapies Pty Ltd

"Over the past three years I have been recommending the 'Saddle Seat' to patients attending my clinic suffering back pain. The 'Saddle Seat' is the most effective remedy to this problem I have encountered."


Steve Cummings

Lightplay Photography

" is the most comfortable seat I have ever used."              

Alice Noe-Nordberg

Concord Animal Hospital

"No more back pain or aching legs at the end of a long day. The mobility, adjustment and comfort make this the ideal chair for veterinarians. I love my Bambach Saddle Seat."

Michael S. Patner

General Dentistry

"It was my lucky day when I discovered you exhibiting your Bambach Saddle chair at the San Francisco Dental Meeting. I have suffered from neck and back pain for twenty years. The chair gave my body the opportunity to heal."


Dr Eugene T Santacci and Dr Noelle M Fanucci

Creative Dimensions in Dentistry

"I've found that along with keeping my lower back in a neutral position, I can also get closer to the patient during normal dental procedures"

Sue Aldrich

Occupation Therapist

"The Bambach Saddle Seat is a chair that has been uniquely designed to position the seated person so that spinal disc pressure is reduced and thus back pain is relieved."

Kian “Horisumi” Forreal

Authentink Tattoo, Sydney

"My Bambach saved my arse!"


Hunter Health at Work

"Our rehabilitation team wish to commend your efforts for providing our clients with a seat that provides genuine postural care and comfort for injured workers."

Douglas Greening


"Due to recent diagnosis of Sciatica, I looked for a solution as my physio noted my poor sitting position. After a short time with the Saddle Seat my physio noted an improvement in posture and I noted a relief from the chronic pain associated with extended sitting. A short period of getting used to the seat is quickly forgotten with the pain release given from the seat itself. Thanks for a wonderful product."

Denise Haanstro

Office Executive

"I have suffered with a bad back for three years and frequently had time off work to cope with my injury. As I sit for the majority of the day, I have found your 'saddle seat' invaluable. Not only does it make me sit straight, but its castor wheels allow me the mobility I require to move around my work area."


Stephen Cugley

"In the late 1990s I was having trouble with my left gluteus maximus (buttocks muscle) in spasm from sitting too long at my desk. Someone suggested your Bambach Saddle Seat. I bought one in 2000 and it solved the problem. After ten years of constant use the chair is still as good as new and I can work long hours in comfort."

Tom Jamieson

"Bambach have been excellent to deal with! It's a relief that we could deal with such an organised company!"

Amber Bingham

I am absolutely loving it! It took a bit of getting used to, at first, but I am already noticing a decrease in back pain and an improvement in my posture, even when I sit in other chairs for whatever reason. Thank you so much for my Bambach Saddle Seat! I love it!