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The Back Bone of Ergonomic Seating
The Back Bone of Ergonomic Seating

Welcome to Bambach Saddle Seats Australia

For 23 years we have proudly serviced the seating needs of people around the world.
Our philosophy is a simple one, to ensure our customers achieve optimum posture when seated on the Bambach ergonomic chair. The Bambach Saddle Seat does this by maintaining the spines natural 'S' shape, with the pelvis in its neutral position, the back is relaxed and the body is free of tension, ensuring that quality of health is maintained when seated.

We are the past, present and future specialists of ergonomic seating.

Latest News

The Pan Pac Veterinary Conference!

The Conference was a BLAST! 

Thank you to those who visited our stand! 

The lucky WINNER of The Bambach Saddle Seat is

Julie from Port Melbourne Vet




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OH & S


Work place injuries and illness range in severity causing short/long term pain, disability or even death.


Health Professionals


As health professionals you are constantly required to make decisions to help your patients towards recovery and well-being. more




Physical strain is commonplace amongst hospital workers and not many people will be surprised to hear that the industry has one of the highest incidences of back injury.