Keep yourself and your work colleagues healthy & happy

Work, Health and Safety representatives have the task of protecting the health and safety of all colleagues from risks resulting from work practices.  Employers not only have a legal obligation to protect their staff but a vested financial interest in doing so.

Injury prevention is paramount, and the Bambach Saddle Seat provides a proven ergonomic solution to support the health of your employees. To date, the Bambach Saddle Seat has been used as a preventative measure and rehabilitation tool for over 60,000 people. With the pelvis and spine naturally aligned and fully supported, the body is not subjected to postural pressure. As an added benefit, the seat increases circulation, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

AFRDI Approval – Australasian Furnishing Research & Development Institute

AFRDI approved office chairs are tested to the Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4438 and are ergonomically sound, tough, durable and safe. AFRDI is an independent, not-for-profit technical organisation whose Blue Tick logo is a registered certification mark. For more information, please visit www.furntech.org.au

Bambach – the original and still the best

The Bambach is the original Saddle Seat, designed as a result of extensive worldwide research. It has been tested to Australian standards and recommended by health professionals worldwide. It is also the only saddle seat available in four seat sizes to suit your height, body shape and gender. All seats have a 30-day money-back guarantee, 5-year warranty, and are Australian made.

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How the Bambach Saddle Seat works

The Bambach Saddle Seat maintains optimal spinal function and improves productivity by:

  • Supporting your pelvis and spine in a natural position due to its unique design.
  • Promoting shoulder stability and correct posture.
  • Decreasing fatigue through improved breathing and circulation.
  • Improving mobility. Legs and feet are stable, ensuring free movement and safe reaching.
  • Accessorising to suit your needs and comfort, with sheepskin covers and other accessories to ensure your working environment is functional and safe.


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The Bambach is our saving grace – it supports the pelvis in the correct anatomical position, allowing the body to cope with long seated hours.


-Kandice, The Sports Physio Clinic.