Health Professionals

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The Bambach and you

Due to the incredible pace and demands placed on and health professionals, the industry has one of the highest incidences of back injury. The advent of modern ergonomics has helped promote change in the workplace, including the recommendations of a better-suited seating. Bambach is the leader in ergonomic support seating and can provide tailored solutions to suit any environment.

The Bambach in hospitals

The Bambach is used in over 200 hospitals in more than 20 different departments. With a range of accessories designed for hospital use including foot-rings, swing arms, specialised castors, and multiple different height options, the Bambach Saddle Seat can offer a long-term, quality solution which meets hospital standards.

It is frequently used as a medical imaging tool, laboratory stool, bedside stool, neo-natal stool, and special care nursery stool.

The Bambach and your patients

Health professionals are constantly required to make decisions to help patients move towards recovery and well-being. Bambach ergonomic seating offers solutions for injury and rehabilitation, and can be:

  • implemented as part of a “back to work program”
  • included in an “injury management prevention strategy”
  • or in an “ergonomic workstation assessment”

While sitting on a Bambach, the spine is in its neutral position and all major joints are in balance. Core muscle groups are engaged, and fatigue is reduced, leaving the user feeling less tired at the end of the day.

Click here to read the case study of the cellar attendant who discovered the Bambach thanks to his occupational therapist.

The Bambach is not just a seat … it’s a scientific solution

  • Maintains optimum spinal function: your spine remains in its natural “S” shape (rather than the crunched “C”) while you sit, with all the major joints in a neutral stress-free position.
  • Ergonomically designed to Australian standards
  • Promotes good circulation: The open position of your hips and abdomen helps blood circulate freely
  • Improves mobility and reach. Your back is naturally supported by core muscles and your legs are stable ensuring free movement. Reaching out for things is easy and safe.
  • The ONLY Saddle Seat available in four seat sizes, multiple stem heights, and over 100 colours and fabrics.
  • Available with a range of accessories designed specifically for different work and home environments.

It’s no wonder Bambach ergonomic chairs are recommended by health professionals throughout Australia and the World. To learn more about successful recommendations by physiotherapists.

Use our seat calculator to find the right Bambach for you, or call us now to talk to us about your specific needs!

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