Ergonomic Chairs For Dental

Keep yourself and your patients smiling

Keep yourself and your patients smiling

Dentistry is a profession that demands absolute precision. Procedures are often performed over long periods of time, impacting on the spine, joints, and muscles. It’s no surprise that dental professionals regularly report experiencing pain in their lower back, neck, shoulders and hands. An Australian university study places this figure at up to 93% of dental professionals.* (list source)

By choosing a Bambach Saddle Seat, you’ll experience a significant improvement in your level of comfort, which helps to keep you productive throughout the day. More importantly, you’ll be improving your health and helping to prevent injury, or worse still, early retirement.

Bambach – the original and still the best

The Bambach is the original Saddle Seat, designed and patented from extensive research. It has been tested to Australian standards and recommended by health professionals worldwide. It is also the only saddle seat available in four seat sizes to suit your height, body shape and gender. It comes in hundreds of colours, with the additional option to cover it in your own fabric. All seats have a 30-day money-back guarantee, 5-year warranty and are Australian made.

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How the Bambach Saddle Seat helps dentists

The Bambach Saddle Seat not only maintains optimal spinal function but improves productivity by:

  • Supporting your pelvis and spine in a natural position, even when you are leaning forward. This is due to the unique patented design which allows you close access to your patients with minimal bending. Your working life can be prolonged by sustaining a healthy spine.
  • Promoting shoulder stability and correct posture, improving dexterity and precision.
  • Decreasing fatigue through improved breathing and circulation.
  • Improving mobility. Your legs and feet are stable, ensuring free movement and easy, safe reaching.
  • Accessorising to suit your needs with foot-rings, swing arms, and other accessories.

Over 50,000 Bambachs are used by dental professionals worldwide.

To find the best Bambach for your dental surgery, use our online seat calculator or contact us.

*Conditions Apply

 Bambach’s are comfortable & relieve the pressure that dentistry puts on our body. Also the range of movement/tilt enables us to achieve a more natural posture when working.

Jody, Family Dental Care.