Ergonomic Chairs For Creatives

Don’t let your posture impact your creativity!

Being comfortable and having good seated posture creates the perfect platform for creative ideas to flow. Whether you are an artist, graphic designer, tattooist, writer or one of the many creative professionals – you want to know that when you are seated for long periods of time, it is not compromising your spinal health. When sitting incorrectly you may experience pain in your back, neck and shoulders, and it can become increasingly difficult to feel motivated and focus on the task at hand! Let Bambach help!


The Bambach Saddle Seat Solution

The Bambach Saddle Seat helps to eliminate and prevent many common posture-related aliments by:

  • Maintaining optimum spinal function. Your spine remains in its natural “S” shape (rather than the crunched “C”) while you sit, with all major joints in a neutral stress-free position.
  • Allowing the knees to be positioned lower than the hips, creating a stable and balanced position. With a long-term use, it can even strengthen back and core muscles.
  • Customising solutions for individual needs, with multiple stem heights and four seat sizes.
  • Supporting an upright posture when seated, instead of traditional office chairs which encourage slouching and hunching forward.

The Bambach is the ONLY Australian made saddle seat that comes with a 5-year warranty and 30-day money- back guarantee!

Our Philosophy

At Bambach Saddle Seat we strive to give people a sound ergonomic seating solution that supports and encourages correct seating posture. We have improved the health of thousands of people around the world, with each seat customised to suit the individual. We ensure your seat fits all your personal attributes and applications, such as height, gender, occupation, environment and workstation.


To find the best Bambach seating solution for you, use our online seat calculator or contact us.



The Bambach works well for me when I am painting. I no longer have to raise the easel up and down, as the seat has a great range of height control.


-The late Pro Hart, Artist.