Bambach Saddle Seats New Zealand

Over 60,000 seat sold worldwide

The Bambach Saddle Seat is the original saddle seat, designed by occupational therapist Mary Gale and created in Australia. Bambach chairs have been used for over 30 years in hospitals, dental surgeries, offices and workplaces worldwide, and is the only saddle seat custom-made to suit your individual needs and requirements. With our saddle seats, you can achieve the ideal sitting posture, with the spine in perfect balance and the hip joints resting in a relaxed, open position as a result of the unique seat contour. Our ergonomic office chairs are ideal for Auckland customers who are office workers, work with their hands, suffer from pain in the neck, back or upper limbs, or have a neurological or musculoskeletal condition.

The creation of the Bambach Saddle Seat has been a revolution in seating, providing an incredible rehabilitation solution for those returning to strength and wellbeing, as well as supplying durable ergonomic office chairs for our Auckland clients concerned with protecting their spinal health. The high, straddle posture of the Bambach Saddle Seat both supports and stabilizes your body, freeing your hands and feet to easily move about your workspace and reach equipment. Our range of Bambach chairs are available across Auckland and New Zealand, and are made to support your unique body, health and profession.

Our saddle seats are available in four different sizes, various height options and in a wide range of colours and fabrics. You can customise our Bambach chairs to suit your Auckland workplace, with back, no back and swing arm models available, as well as a variety of seat accessories. Bambach continues to lead the way in ergonomic office chairs, with our range of tough, safe saddle seats tested to Australian and New Zealand standards by AFRDI (Australiasian Furnishing Research & Development Institute) at the highest commercial rating (Level 6). Revolutionise the way you sit and work with Bambach chairs. Browse the Bambach product range and use our Seat Calculator to help choose the right model for you today.