Care & Maintenance

Cleaning Fabrics


The Bambach Saddle Seat is very easy to keep clean. The best way to clean vinyl upholstery is to use warm soapy water or diluted methylated spirits (mixed with water). Apply a small amount to soft clean fabric, and use small, light circular movements where necessary.


Vacuum to remove dust particles. Avoid direct sunlight and clean spills immediately. Use mild soap and water, following with clean water only. Do not saturate the fabric with water or cleaning fluids. Persistent stains may need to be treated by a professional cleaning company.


Spot cleaning – Immediately soak up the stain with a soft absorbent cloth. Do not dry the stain completely or it may set. Most spots will vanish if treated immediately and are not allowed to dry in. Always work inwards from the edge of the stain to prevent spreading. Do not over-wet the fabric but use small amounts of cleaning liquid at a time and blot between applications. The type of cleaning liquid will be dependent on the origin of the stain.  Liquids should never be pressed through the fabric, instead, give a firm and gentle touch. Continue until the stain has disappeared.


Use a soft clean cloth or micro-fibre cloth to dust the surface. With another clean cloth, wipe a small amount of a very mild detergent onto the seat. Possible detergents might include those designed for washing delicate clothes or a saddle soap that contains oils and waxes that will help maintain the leather’s shine. With a separate cloth, wipe again with cool, clean water, taking care not to oversaturate the leather. Repeat until all soap residue has been removed. Leave to dry naturally, closing curtains or blinds if the furniture is in direct sunlight. In order to maintain the quality and suppleness of leather, it is recommended that leather care products are used regularly.

Cleaning Castors

If using soft castors, it is a good idea from time to time to check for any grit which may become stuck to the wheels. This could lead to scratching of delicate surfaces.

Recovering your Bambach Saddle Seat

Original Bambach Saddle Seats are covered with high-quality fabrics which, if the seat is used with reasonable care, will last for many, many years. If for any reason you wish to recover your seat, this service is available, using the fabrics and colours available in our range at the time of your order. Alternatively, you can supply us with your own fabric.

* Please contact us to discuss.

Replacing Seat Components


We have several different styles of castors available if your floor type changes, or your needs change when using the Bambach Saddle Seat. Please consult our Accessories page for details. Castors are easy to change, and can simply be pulled out and slotted in.

Stem replacement

We have a huge range of stems, including swivel, solid and non-swivel. The Accessories page details the standard range of stems available. If you need some assistance with purchasing a new stem, please contact us so that we can help you make the right choice.

Note: Dye Transference

Certain clothing dyes (such as denim jeans) may transfer to lighter coloured vinyl. This likelihood is increased by humidity and temperature. The Bambach Saddle Seat Pty Ltd will not assume responsibility for dye transfer caused by external contaminants.