An occupational therapist Mary Gale, the designer of the Bambach Saddle Seat The Bambach Story

The designer of the Bambach Saddle Seat, Mary Gale is a qualified Occupational Therapist. While working at Hornsby Hospital, Sydney in her early years as a therapist, a young woman asked Mary to take her horse riding even though she had suffered serious physical injuries due to a car accident. The success of this endeavour prompted the doctor in charge to direct many recovering patients to follow the same treatment.

Every second Sunday, Mary also took a group of young disabled people horse riding under the auspices of the Sisters of Mercy. This joint program lasted for a period of eight years. One question kept begging to be answered. Why could a seriously disabled person sit unaided on a horse, assuming a symmetrical position, yet could not sit unsupported on an ordinary seat or wheelchair?

It occurred to Mary that if she could replicate the saddle position, where the spine is able to assume its natural curves, she would create an ideal seat for therapy as well as for task seating. A review of literature by Dr A. C. Mandel noted that the ideal sitting posture for the human spine is achieved on horseback. After concluding an extensive period of research, Mary’s worked with an engineer, another occupational therapist and a physiotherapist and the Saddle Seat design was born!

Mary Gale has written numerous papers, case studies and articles some of which have been presented at world conferences. Mary has also written two books. For information, and or copies of Mary’s work please contact us.

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