Case Studies

Case study Dental Assistant: Fatigue, Pain in Thoracic Spine

Dental Assistant: Fatigue, Pain in Thoracic Spine

Name: F.B, Occupation: Dental Assistant



F.B. experienced soreness in her upper thoracic spine (from standing) one month after starting her work. She also suffered from fatigue. F.B. is a triathlete with an athletically toned body, so the static position of her work is the likely cause of her symptoms. Read more »

Case study Dental Assistant: Neck Pain

Dental Assistant: Neck Pain

Name: D.M., Occupation: Dental Assistant



D.M. had neck pain resulting from work. When asked by her dentist employer to sit on a Bambach Saddle Seat (which was already in use in the surgery) she discussed the idea with her Osteopath, who said that it was a good idea. Read more »

Case study Dentist: Back and Sciatic

Dentist: Back and Sciatic

Name: Dr T (M.B.S, M.B,ChB.,F.R.A.C.D.S.,O.M.S.), Occupation: Oral Maxio Facial Surgeon.



Dr T. has had back problems, with sciatic pain, which eventually resulted in restrictions to his lifestyle. Read more »

Embalmer: Muscle Fatigue

Name: Blaire Brown, Occupation: Embalmer



Blaire first tried a Bambach Saddle Seat about 18 months ago. It was in the Occupational Therapist’s rooms where he went for an assessment. Read more »

Case study Office: Shoulder and Neck Pain

Office: Shoulder and Neck pain

Name: Rhonda Bates, Occupation: Supervisor, Safety Officer



Pain developed four years ago in Rhonda’s shoulder and neck, with breathing difficulty when she sat on a lounge. Read more »