Case Studies

Dentist: Back and Sciatic

Name: Dr T (M.B.S, M.B,ChB.,F.R.A.C.D.S.,O.M.S.), Occupation: Oral Maxio Facial Surgeon.

Dr T. has had back problems, with sciatic pain, which eventually resulted in restrictions on his lifestyle:

‘Going on holidays, by the time I had packed the car I could not pick up and hold my children.’

Dr T. knew that he had to consider his situation as serious, so he undertook a program of exercise and physiotherapy, which along with his engagement in his sport of rowing, have become part of his regime for managing his symptoms. Another part of his scheme is the Bambach Saddle Seat. He had been told about the Bambach Saddle Seat by a fellow surgeon who had seen it while attending a conference in Cairns, Australia and had subsequently bought one for his surgery. Dr T. decided to try the Bambach Saddle Seat himself.

Introduction to the Saddle Seat
Dr T. was instructed how to adjust the seat height and tilt to find the best posture for work. He made adjustments frequently as he became used to the new position.

He subsequently moved to a more spacious surgery, and now he also has a patient’s chair that can be raised to a height optimal for use in conjunction with the Bambach Saddle Seat. He has the space to move more easily around his patients and is able to get closer to the work. Dr T. uses a loupe for his work, which requires great stability and static “hold” position. His seat is a standard model, with foot operated height adjuster.

Dr T. experienced a marked improvement in symptoms as a result of a regime of exercise, lifestyle changes and a heightened consciousness of good biomechanics of which the Bambach Saddle Seat is a part.

‘The Saddle Seat is good for my posture when operating and for my general postural awareness. As it is not an ordinary seat, it reminds you to be aware of your posture.’

Before using the Bambach Saddle seat, Dr T. did all of his surgery standings; now he remains seated 30% of the time. He has been using the Bambach Saddle Seat for 18 months.

Dr T. sees one of the main benefits of the Bambach Saddle Seat as a tool that consciously reminds him to assume and maintain good posture. He believes that the Bambach Saddle Seat is a key part of the attitude change necessary to maintain good spinal health as well as being a seat that actually works to improve your posture.