Ergonomic Corporate Office Chairs

Is your workstation ruining your life?

In recent years, there has been a welcomed trend of employers encouraging staff health in the workplace. Improvements such as dedicated HR departments, Work Health and Safety (WHS) committees and a focus on sustainable “back to work” solutions have been paramount to enable workers to cope with the demands of modern corporate life. As this fast-paced world has evolved, so has the need for a change to workstations and seating. Long hours spent at the desk has produced a workforce with a growing list of posture-related problems, pain and injuries.

Your Health at Work

The Bambach Saddle Seat is an integral part of any office’s ergonomic and healthy work environment:

  • Maintaining optimum spinal function as the spine remains in its natural “S” shape (as opposed to a crunched C”), enabling major joints to be in a neutral stress-free position. No hunching or no slouching.
  • Allowing the knees to be positioned lower than the hips creating a stable and balanced position. With a long-term use, it also strengthens back and core muscles.
  • Providing a personalised solution with seven different stem heights and four seat sizes.

Improve Work Performance

The Bambach Saddle seat can help improve work performance by:

  • Reducing fatigue-with the spine in a neutral position, breathing and circulation is improved.
  • Increasing dexterity and precision as a result of muscles and joints being in balance.
  • Improving mobility and reach. Your back is naturally supported by core muscles and your legs are stable, ensuring free movement, and safe and easy reaching.

Bambach and your office design

The Bambach Saddle Seat’s contemporary design can be integrated into any office and customised to suit innovative fit-outs. It is designed and manufactured in Australia and tested by AFRDI to the highest levels for safety and durability. The seat comes in a huge range of modern colours, textures and fabrics. Moreover, accessories are also available.

Want to see the Bambach in action?

Bambach offers onsite demonstrations for large corporate companies. Contact us to set up your demonstration today, or buy now!


Given my job is largely sedentary my posture was suffering. My physio recommended the Bambach & within weeks a reduction in pain & posture improvements were noted.


Douglas, CEO.