Why Eye specialists choose the Bambach?

Bambach’s outstanding range of seats is the best seating solution for the optical industry. They help protect your biggest assets – you and your staff – and can significantly improve work productivity by:

  • Allowing you to get closer to your patients and letting your arms work at a more natural angle and height. This ensures precision and reduces strain on your neck, shoulders and lower back.
  • Enabling you to move more efficiently around the consulting room or surgery. The wide foot stance keeps you balanced.
  • Reducing fatigue through improved breathing and circulation.
  • Promoting correct posture: with a true ergonomic structure, the Bambach ensures the pelvis is in an upright position whilst maintaining the spine’s natural ‘S’ shape, rather than the crunched ‘C’ shape.

The ideal ergonomic seating solution

  • Available in four seat sizes
  • Custom-made to suit body shape and gender
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Adjustable height options to suit varying levels of use
  • Custom made in over 100 colours and fabrics to suit the aesthetics of your practice or surgery

Whether you are working in a busy clinical practice, in surgery, or an in-demand dispenser, Bambach will deliver the best back support seating solution for you. The Bambach Saddle Seat can be used as an ophthalmic surgeon seat, eye surgeon chair and laser surgery seat. Whatever your need, the scientifically proven benefits of the Bambach ergonomic saddle seat will help improve your productivity, comfort and overall health.

To find the best Bambach seating solution for you, use our online seat calculator or contact us.