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It is imperative to us that customers achieve optimum posture when seated. Hence, we customise our seats to suit your specific needs. Here at Bambach, we have observed that there are usually three types of clients:

  1. Those who know they want a Bambach and would like to order a seat with the right features. The “seat calculator” (below) can assist you, and the process takes no longer than 2 minutes. It is designed to fast track your selection and make it super easy to buy online.
  2. Those who know exactly what they need. If that’s you, skip the seat calculator fields and select your seat from the options under the “Your Recommended Seat” headline.
  3. Those that have very specific medical needs and require professional advice and support. If this is you, please call us now on (02) 8966 4800 or email us.

The Seat Calculator

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Showing 19–20 of 20 results

Showing 19–20 of 20 results