Case Studies

Special Needs: Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy

Name: Eamon Hohn, Occupation: School student


Spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. Eamon’s condition is moderate to severe. He has some spasticity with increased extensor tone. There is a tendency for his pelvis and trunk to rotate obliquely with a drop to the left side, which tends to make him slide off a conventional seat. Eamon experiences some restriction in the activities he would like to undertake but determinedly states that he is normal and that his biggest problem as ‘other peoples’ attitudes’.

Introduction to the Bambach Saddle Seat

Eamon was told about the Bambach Saddle Seat by the occupational therapist who treats him. When his mother saw how Eamon’s posture improved when sitting on the Bambach Saddle Seat, she encouraged him to use it. Mrs Hohn had some reservations about backup service and the ability of the seat to be modified to fit the special physical and environmental needs of each child.

Reassured that the seat is fully supported, with readily available service and parts, she purchased a seat for Eamon. The occupational therapist used her knowledge of the seat and the video provided by the manufacturer to educate Eamon about its use and adjustment. Eamon uses a reduced abduction seat with a sheepskin cover, 3 locking and 2 standard castors, and an 80 mm drop-through stem.


The Bambach Saddle Seat anchors Eamon’s pelvis, allowing him to assume and hold a correct, upright posture. It prevents him from sliding forward and twisting obliquely, so he no longer slumps forward and to the left. The Bambach Saddle Seat offers a firm symmetrical posture with a clear and easily maintained midline. The position of abduction and extension of the hips helps to break down adductor spasm. This posture allows Eamon to sit for functional tasks with better performance of such skills as writing and computer use. Eamon’s head and neck are in a more normal position in the Bambach Saddle Seat. Apart from a dramatic improvement in posture and the resulting functional improvements, Eamon likes the seat because it allows him to look more ‘normal’.

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