I am absolutely loving it

“I am absolutely loving it! It took a bit of getting used to, at first, but I am already noticing a decrease in back pain and an improvement in my posture, even when I sit in other chairs for whatever reason. Thank you so much for my Bambach Saddle Seat! I love it!”




In the late 1990s I was having trouble with my left gluteus maximus

“In the late 1990s, I was having trouble with my left gluteus maximus (buttocks muscle) in spasm from sitting too long at my desk. Someone suggested your Bambach Saddle Seat. I bought one in 2000 and it solved the problem. After ten years of constant use, the chair is still as good as new and I can work long hours in comfort.”




I have suffered with a bad back for three years

“I have suffered from a bad back for three years and frequently had time off work to cope with my injury. As I sit for the majority of the day, I have found your ‘saddle seat’ invaluable. Not only does it make me sit straight, but its castor wheels allow me the mobility I require to move around my work area.”


Office Executive


Due to recent diagnosis of Sciatica

“Due to recent diagnosis of Sciatica, I looked for a solution as my physio noted my poor sitting position. After a short time with the Saddle Seat, my physio noted an improvement in posture and I noted a relief from the chronic pain associated with extended sitting. A short period of getting used to the seat is quickly forgotten with the pain release given from the seat itself. Thanks for a wonderful product.”




No more back pain or aching legs at the end of a long day

“No more back pain or aching legs at the end of a long day. The mobility, adjustment and comfort make this the ideal chair for veterinarians. I love my Bambach Saddle Seat.”


Concord Animal Hospital