Benefits of Using Saddle Chairs for the Dental & Medical Professions

benefits of saddle chairs for dental and medical professions

Due to the incredible pace and demands placed on dental, medical and health professionals, the industry has one of the highest incidences of back injury. Whether you work as a general practitioner, physiotherapist, optician, sonographer, radiologist, veterinarian or dental hygienist, our saddle chairs provide ergonomic support seating to meet your requirements. The Bambach Saddle Seat can suit any working environment, tailored to your personal attributes including height, gender, occupation and workstation. By choosing one of our ergonomic saddle chairs, you will experience a significant improvement in your level of comfort and health, keeping you productive and preventing injury, or worse still, early retirement.

This month, we discuss the benefits of using the Bambach Saddle Seat in the dental and medical professions: 



Dentistry is a profession that requires focus and absolute precision. Procedures are often performed over long periods of time, with practitioners staying in static positions which impact on the spine, joints and muscles. It is no surprise that dentists often report experiencing pain in their lower back, neck, shoulders and hands. Dentists may have a high tendency towards neck and back pain because they subconsciously tend to lean towards their patients when rendering treatment for better visualisation. This poor ergonomic positioning is made worse by traditional dental chairs, which crunch the spine into a ‘C’ shape and place strain on the lower back. Switching your current dental chair to a Bambach Saddle Seat can not only maintain optimal spinal function, but improve your productivity. Dental hygienists find that saddle chairs allow them close access to their patients with minimal bending. Your pelvis and spine are supported in a natural position even when leaning forward, while the correct seating posture improves dexterity, precision and mobility. 

Over 50,000 Bambach saddle chairs are used by dental professionals worldwide. Read our dental case studies to learn more about how the Bambach Saddle Seat can help you. 

Saddle stool for dental practice



In the medical profession, you work may involve varying work heights, long periods of standing, getting up and down from your seat, or close work requiring accuracy and excellent hand-eye coordination. Surgeons, nurses, podiatrists, general practitioners and other medical professionals may also have to work at lower than ideal heights to operate dialysis machines or treat patients. In traditional task seating, this limits your mobility and can result in back and neck pain. The Bambach Saddle Seat is frequently used as a low ergonomic medical stool, medical imaging tool, laboratory stool, bedside chair, neo-natal stool and special care nursery stool. Our saddle chairs allow for free movement and safe, easy reaching while keeping your legs and feet stable, improving your mobility. The Bambach Saddle Seat also offers a solution for injury and rehabilitation, helping patients move towards recovery and wellbeing.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is used in over 200 hospitals in more than 20 different departments. Browse our range of accessories designed for hospital use today, including foot-rings, swing arms, specialised castors and multiple height options.



Opticians, like dentists and general practitioners, can find themselves adopting poor ergonomic habits when treating their patients. Traditional seating is often not suited for delicate procedures such as eye surgery or laser surgery, making it difficult for practitioners to get into an optimal position to provide treatment. The outstanding range of saddle chairs from Bambach is the best seating solution for the optical industry. Our saddle seats can be used by ophthalmic surgeons and opticians, letting your arms work at a more natural angle and height. This ensures precision, and reduces the strain on your neck, shoulders and lower back. Investing in a low ergonomic medical stool from Bambach will also enable you to move more efficiently around the surgery or consulting room, with the wide foot stance of the straddle position keeping you balanced. The Bambach Saddle Seat is available in four seat sizes and over 100 colours and fabrics to suit the aesthetics of your practice, including surgical grade vinyl. 

Whether you are working in a busy clinical practice, in surgery or an in-demand dispensary, the Bambach Saddle Seat will deliver the best back support seating solution for you. Find out more about the benefits of using our saddle chairs in this FAQ post.

Bambach original low saddle seat


Medical Imaging

Incredibly, over 95% of people working in the medical imaging industry are affected by musculoskeletal injuries. Medical imaging requires leaning forward, reaching and holding unnatural static positions, all of which can result in mild to debilitating chronic pain in the future. The Bambach Saddle Seat can be used as a sonographer stool and radiologist chair, helping you maintain good posture and increasing your reach for balanced scanning. Saddle chairs also engage the core muscles, enabling you to move without straining and actually enhancing muscle tone from the active sitting position. Our saddle seats are the only seat offering multiple height options to suit shared scanning rooms, customised with specialised castors to meet Australian WHS requirements, and fitted with shorter adjustment paddles to allow you to get closer to patient beds. We also offer saddle chairs with a swing arm option to help reduce spinal stress while leaning. 

Bambach ergonomic seating is used in over 150 medical imaging departments and private practices across Australia. We can provide saddle chairs with backs and without to suit your requirements. Find out which saddle seat is right for you in this helpful video guide. 



Being devoted to the care of their furry, feathered or scaly patients can mean that veterinarians overlook their own health and wellbeing. 67% of veterinary surgeons have suffered musculoskeletal injuries at work, mostly due to having to hold static postures whilst performing medical procedures. Changing to an ergonomic saddle stool can make a huge difference to your productivity and efficiency, preventing the onset of back, neck and shoulder strain. When sitting on a Bambach saddle seat, your spine is allowed to maintain its natural ‘S’ shape, while your pelvis is supported and all your joints kept in balance. This reduces fatigue and helps you maintain optimal spinal function throughout your veterinary career. The open position of your hips and abdomen promotes good blood circulation, and increases your stability when treating patients. Used by over 300 practices Australia wide, the Bambach Saddle Seat is the perfect ergonomic seating solution for veterinarians.


The Bambach is the original saddle seat, designed and manufactured in Australia by occupational therapist Mary Gale. Bambach chairs are tested by AFRDI to the highest standards and are recommended by health professionals worldwide. To find the best Bambach seating solution for you, use our online seat calculator to choose a chair model or Contact Us today.