Ergonomic Chairs for Special Needs: Advantages of the Bambach

ergonomic chairs for special needs

All of us, particularly those with physical impairments, need to sit in the best posture chair possible to avoid deformities developing or deteriorating. The key to good posture and a healthy spine is the pelvis being secure in an upright, neutral position while sitting. Using the best ergonomic office chair available can help to prevent future disabilities, and improve the quality of life for children and adults with special needs. The Bambach Saddle Seat is used by health professionals and carers worldwide as a posture chair, with case studies showing dramatic improvement for people with mild to severe disabilities aged from two to ninety years old.

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Benefits of Using Saddle Chairs for the Dental & Medical Professions

benefits of saddle chairs for dental and medical professions

Due to the incredible pace and demands placed on dental, medical and health professionals, the industry has one of the highest incidences of back injury. Whether you work as a general practitioner, physiotherapist, optician, sonographer, radiologist, veterinarian or dental hygienist, our saddle chairs provide ergonomic support seating to meet your requirements. The Bambach Saddle Seat can suit any working environment, tailored to your personal attributes including height, gender, occupation and workstation. By choosing one of our ergonomic saddle chairs, you will experience a significant improvement in your level of comfort and health, keeping you productive and preventing injury, or worse still, early retirement.

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Office Ergonomics: Posture, Back Support & the Office Chair

In the modern workplace, people can spend up to 70% of their day sitting at their desk in front of a computer. This shift in the way we work has resulted in an increase in posture-related injuries, as well as a heightened awareness of the importance of ergonomics for office workers. The use of ergonomic office furniture, including an ergonomic office chair such as the Bambach Saddle Seat, is more important than ever before to maintain good health during our working lives. Whether you work in a corporate, SME or home office environment, poor ergonomics can impact on your productivity, quality of life and overall health, leaving you with mild to debilitating chronic pain.

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Are Saddle Stools Comfortable? & Other FAQ

The Bambach Saddle Seat was the first of its kind in the world, and experts agree that it continues to lead the way in seating practice today. The Bambach is customised specifically for the needs of our customers, made to support your body, health and profession. Guaranteed for quality assurance, our range of saddle stools are ergonomically sound, tough, durable and safe. With or without a back, the Bambach range provides the right seat for any environment or purpose.

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Benefits of Using Ergonomic Office Chairs

As our work lives become more sedentary, the importance of having a healthy, ergonomic work environment increases. At Bambach Saddle Seat, we strive to give our customers a sound ergonomic seating solution which supports and encourages correct seating posture. Our saddle seats are customised to suit the individual user, taking into account personal attributes such as height, gender, occupation, environment and workstation. Bambach chairs can be used in offices, dental surgeries, hospitals, veterinary clinics and art studios – basically anywhere where people need to sit down!


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